Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Day with Google Glass in Public

My first day with Glass out in public was interesting psychologically. I read the reports of people asking Glass Explorers about it so I was expecting attention. The first store I went into: nothing. So my ego was :-|

Dejected, I looked up Jersey Mike's sandwich shop for lunch to see how that experience would be on Glass. It was good, I got the food ordered but the conversation was not as clear as on my phone. So I drove over, went in and stood in line to wait to pay. I sensed some people were looking at me, and I did not know how to act. Do I act normal, smile extra, blurt out "I got Glass" and have them think I was a nut?

Finally I am just about paying and the cashier is looking at me and sort of saying "hey is that . . .?" And I said, yep, it is Google Glass.  As soon as I said that, the sandwich maker (girl with the big knife!) and pretty much everyone in line are now engaged. You can see in line two police men, one (the younger) who was much more interested. I told them, "Hey guys, I'm taking your picture!". They laughed and I quickly took out my phone to show them the screencast of my Glass. The cashier, sandwich maker, the ladies next to me in line were all very interested and gave off good impressions of it. Now my ego was =:-0

I showed them a few things and told the cops they should get one for their work. They younger one wanted to try it on and I let him, but reflecting, I do not think letting a random person use it for 2 minutes is a good way to show it off. I think it takes 10 minutes just to get used to the UI and hand gestures. After that I was walking out and another person asked about it. I described the screen, the price, how you cannot just buy one, and my purpose for having it. People seemed enthused. But then they were also engaged in pretty awesome sandwiches, too!

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