Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Glass Development - Bootstrap UX/UI Framework, a Beginner's Discovery!

If you have read my last two posts, you know I have not developed for a good decade and a half.

<old name voice>Back in HTML 3.2 we had to code walking uphill in the snow BOTH DIRECTIONS! Dern kids today</old man voice>

Well, as I begin to learn anew and develop for Google Glass, I find that the Python Quickstart project has a nice clean set of HTML and CSS. Now, I know (knew?!) how to write that stuff and I noted in the index.html file this reference in the <head> tag

<link href="/static/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"  media="screen">

What is this "bootstrap" thingy?? I asked myself and poking around I find a wonderful world of UI goodness courtesy of some nice geeks from Twitter, @mdo and @fat

My Glass Quickstart Site Using Bootstrap
Yep, the Google Glass Quickstart project uses a set of web tools that bring in a responsive design from Twitter Bootstrap or just Bootstrap that is going on two years old. Who knew?

Anyway, this is a really nice way to make a clean website and on digging into the details, it is flexible, responsive and helpful. So, I wanted to point this out and that you'd do well to check out the Bootstrap site and by extension, the Bootstrap blog.

You do not have to use Bootstrap for Glass site development at all, but if you are modifying the Quickstart it certainly gives you a platform to look good!

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