Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Want Google Glass? I have 3 invites to give!

In late October 2013, Google announced that they were again expanding the Glass Explorers program and releasing the second version of the Glass hardware (or Glass 2.0 as some, here, here, and here have called it). For current Glass Explorers, we can swap out our original units for the new set which are reported to have prescription frame capability (I need that!) and an optional mono ear bud. Better seeing and better hearing, yay!

Along with that good news for the current 8,000 explorers, they are asking us to invite three more people into the program. That will be a potential of +30,000 Glass Explorers roaming around! This will expand the field trial and gain some great feedback for Google to improve prior to launching to the public in 2014.

So, while I have had a handful of people ask me for an invite already, I thought I'd pause and hold a little #ifihadglass contest of my own.

If you are interested, fill out my form by November 8 and give me the one reason why YOU should be able to buy Glass.

Remember, this is not a giveaway, but the same terms that all Explorers have so let me know in your entry that you are really going to use the invite. Glass is fun and a challenge to all to see the world and computing in a different light. I hope you make the choice to get one. I am glad I did!

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