Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How To Capture and Publish Videos with Google Glass

Today, November 19, 2013, I presented a session (C103) at the Streaming Media West conference that showed how to use Google Glass to capture videos for the corporate or enterprise environment and automatically publish them to a corporate server for employee use. The aim of my talk and demonstration was to show how the new form factor of Google Glass, a wearable computer can remove barriers for the regular employee to create and publish video information for corporate use.

On my website, I have posted the slides today and will link the recorded presentation when it is made available to me. And here is the Mediasite Catalog that contains the test videos.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pick Only 3! - Results of My Own #ifihadglass Contest

Whew, the response was great! Two weeks ago, I was informed by Google Glass team that I could invite three more people to become Glass Explorers. I wanted to make the invites count, so I offered them up, not for sale on eBay like some, but through a personal #ifihadglass contest.

In a previous post I asked people to submit their ideas but gave them a lot of space to explain "Why do you want Glass and what will you do?"

I expected only a handful of responses because I do not have tons of followers. But to my surprise I received over 90 submissions! All of high quality and from near and far. After a long process of elimination and discernment, I decided to pick 3 that showed originality, creativity, sincerity, and impact to the community. I also wanted each of the selections to represent a different use case. Since I received a lot of ideas to apply Glass to issues of physical ability, I wanted to pick one. Since I got more than a dozen requests from young programmers with apps and tech projects already underway, I wanted to pick one of those. And I got scores of entries from regular users who simply wanted to share their world #throughglass; I picked one.

And the winners are these three fine folks:

+Chris Binkowski and his Accessibility For Humanity project
+Andrew Bartow the young programmer of Locatr: Find My Phone Free
+Michelle C. Torres-Grant a talented and photographer and foodie.

In future posts I will highlight these winners, their ideas, and follow their progress into the world of Glass. The opportunity that +Google Glass offered me (and all Explorers) re-energized me to the possibilities of Glass. My only regret was not being able to invite all people who submitted their desires & dreams.