Monday, November 11, 2013

Pick Only 3! - Results of My Own #ifihadglass Contest

Whew, the response was great! Two weeks ago, I was informed by Google Glass team that I could invite three more people to become Glass Explorers. I wanted to make the invites count, so I offered them up, not for sale on eBay like some, but through a personal #ifihadglass contest.

In a previous post I asked people to submit their ideas but gave them a lot of space to explain "Why do you want Glass and what will you do?"

I expected only a handful of responses because I do not have tons of followers. But to my surprise I received over 90 submissions! All of high quality and from near and far. After a long process of elimination and discernment, I decided to pick 3 that showed originality, creativity, sincerity, and impact to the community. I also wanted each of the selections to represent a different use case. Since I received a lot of ideas to apply Glass to issues of physical ability, I wanted to pick one. Since I got more than a dozen requests from young programmers with apps and tech projects already underway, I wanted to pick one of those. And I got scores of entries from regular users who simply wanted to share their world #throughglass; I picked one.

And the winners are these three fine folks:

+Chris Binkowski and his Accessibility For Humanity project
+Andrew Bartow the young programmer of Locatr: Find My Phone Free
+Michelle C. Torres-Grant a talented and photographer and foodie.

In future posts I will highlight these winners, their ideas, and follow their progress into the world of Glass. The opportunity that +Google Glass offered me (and all Explorers) re-energized me to the possibilities of Glass. My only regret was not being able to invite all people who submitted their desires & dreams.

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