Friday, September 19, 2014

My BMW i3 Owner's Map Made the Offical BMWBLOG!

Well, this is cool . . . Tom over at the blog for BMW i3 posted about my i3 owner's map and was able to get it cross posted on the BMWBLOG for all things BMW. This little map is getting around and it is exciting to see that we are close to getting 500 owner's submitting there location. The i3, in less than a year is now one of the most global EVs around. Excellent!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

How BMW i3 Active Criuse Control (ACC) Works - Through Google Glass!

I was commuting in my BMW i3 the other day and thought Id' try to share the experience of driving with Active Cruise Control (ACC) on. This is the "tractor beam" like feature in the car that allow you to turn over the acceleration and deceleration to the computer in the car. All of these videos were recorded live with Google Glass on the 101 North. 

The images are a bit hard to read on the i3 displays, but hopefully they give you a feel for what it is like. After I learned to trust it a bit, it is a liberating and actually safer way to drive, especially in stop and go traffic. While these three videos only represent 6 or 7 minutes, I used it in heavy stop and go for over an hour with no incident. I hope you enjoy!

BMW i3 Active Cruise Control (ACC) Demo #1

BMW i3 Active Cruise Control (ACC) Demo #2

BMW i3 Active Cruise Control (ACC) Demo #3

Guest Blog Post on the BMW i3 Blog

I was privileged to be asked to write about my experience with the BMW i3 since I got my car on August 11, 2014. We crazy owners call that being "born electric" and are enthusiastic about our experience. Check out my post over on Tom's blog and let me know what you think.