Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BMW i3 Owners Map - New Features!

Just short of a year ago in July of 2014, I created the BMW i3 Owners Map. This is a little project to help BMW i3 electric car owners see where other i3 owners are in the world. It has been exciting to see the community build to 1,300 listings in 38 countries on all continents except for Antarctica.

The BMW i3 Owners Map is 100% opt-in and does not track the cars actual location (like the VoltStats owner map which uses OnStar), but rather shows where in the world the owner resides. The accuracy is up to the person submitting their listing but I also show the model year of the car, if it is a BEV (only electric) or a REX (has a gasoline range extender), and if the owner has owned a plug-in EV prior to getting the BMW i3. I calculate that the Map is a representative sample of around 7-8 percent of global sales.

You can view the Map on my website along with the form to add a new listing or update / delete an existing one.  I also have a few charts and a link to open the actual data file in case you want to make a heatmap or filter for specific data.

Today I added a script that posts submissions in real time, so you do not have to wait to see your listing represented on the map. This also makes the process simpler for me as I no longer need to do a weekly batch update. Yay!

If you have an i3, list your location today to show the i3 global impact!

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